I am pretty sure they will have an explanation on why they are able to breathe on land. It is alright if I am wrong about it. Anyway, logic is not in the dictionary of Spongebob Squarepants; a show with campfire underwater, drowning in the sea of Bikini Bottom and a crab with a whale daughter.

My short horror story #2

Alexandria was deaf from birth. She lives a melancholic life without having the privilege of hearing birds chirping in the morning and cricket of night insects when she’s in her garden at night.


One day, alone in her basement, she heard a squeak and she screamed, and her deafening scream became louder and more intense when she hears the sound of her scream for the first time.



Back in 2011 when I first started my interest in human psychology, I fed my inquisitive mind through NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and psychology books including Stumbling On Happiness by Daniel Gilbert. One of my favourites.

I urged myself since then, to question every questions, and question every answers, so to have a perspicuous idea of things.

Please allocate 20 minutes of your busy schedule to learn about the surprising science of happiness. It will be worthwhile, to just spend 1/72 of the time you have in a day, to have a possible enhancement on how you see things in life for probably the next 72 years.